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Reduce the work burden on content managers

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Important elements in content marketing


By setting a persona, all teams can work on content creation with a common perspective.

Content design

From blogs to white papers, podcasts, videos. Find the best way to reach your prospects and plan the right content.


Is the purpose of writing an article fixed? All content plays its role by having the action "call to action" that the reader wants to do after browsing. Design call-to-action appropriately when planning content.

If you use Edistar, you can manage it all at once.

Formats handled by content marketing

Various format for content marketing

Appropriate articles delivered according to the persona's buyer journey


Video is a very effective delivery format for lead acquisition and nurturing


Dramatically improve lead acquisition and lead nurturing efficiency with white papers


Infographics can visually inform prospective clients that you are an important partner in problem solving


Using a webinar, you can immediately convey your know-how to prospective customers in the distance.


Podcasts are attractive because they have a strong popularity and require less effort to create content than videos.

Approach your prospects in a way they can reach.

If you use Edistar, you can manage it all at once.


Why do you need a content plan?
Team became a large number

The number of team members increases and it is difficult to manage the progress and status of each person.

Complicated flow

It is difficult to switch thoughts because the flow is different for each format

Rewrite became important

It became important to properly rewrite and correct the content after distribution

Information sharing

Information sharing and transparency within the team became important in order to improve the quality of content and the speed of production

Diversified formats

Tools that can be centrally managed are required due to diversified formats

No growth without improvement

Improving bottlenecks quickly by understanding the overall picture of the content planning process


Centrally manage the editing flow, reducing the work burden on planning contents by 80%.

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